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Thoughts on Competitive Strategy

It is easier to become a market leader, but much more difficult to prevent others becoming your market leader.

If you think doing nothing is an option; you are wrong because others are doing things that will make them better options.

Forget about sharing the market; create a new market for a bigger slice of the cake.

What your competition want is for you to loose your leadership position. How? By continuous improvements and innovation; inch by inch clawing away all your advantages.

Decisions are risks anyway; a calculated risk reduces the potential cost and implications of a wrong decision.

Collanovate - competitive strategy from collaboration and innovation.

Yes indeed the goal post has been moved; depending on which side you are, its either good news or bad news. The playing field is now level.

And finally…

We play catch up when our change initiatives is reactive; we risk loosing the right to set the pace for others to follow.

Shola Ajani

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