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The School of Consulting is a Private Education Establishment founded in London, UK in 2019. The parent Company is a Registered UK Company - Consulting Business Professionals (UK) LTD. The School is run by a Governing Council made up of professionals with diverse background who bring their wealth of experience to bear on the direction, quality and offerings of the school.

The School has presence as Campuses in other Countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria with active plans for expansion across the the globe.

Next Training July 7th 2021 

Updated Consulting Practice Training web

Program Details

This is a new fast track Programme for experienced and practising Consultant seeking Professional Qualification.

Programme will be delivered online for 6 weeks over a total of 24 training hour

Fees - $250 USD

Programme Starts Wednesday 3rd July 2021

Time:10:00am - 2.00pm  WAT (West Africa Time)


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Program Details

Register for our Monthly Consultants Training Courses.

Course are delivered monthly as online training.

Fees - $20 USD/Course

Programme Starts Saturday 3rd July 2021

Time:10:00am - 2.00pm  WAT (West Africa Time)


Training Pathway CMC 40 Week Programme



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