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Why Franchise?
The School of Consulting Franchise Strategy is very important to us. 
We desire a closer route to offering our Consulting training programme to prospective applicants.
We believe we will deliver better customer value where we have operating units closer to the points of demand. On the other hand as well, students are much more confident where we have local support and engagement units.
We want our franchisees to succeed, hence we say where there are no income, no payment is expected! We are committed to your success. Your success is our success!
What we are offering
  • Renewable and Exclusive 3 Year Country Franchise
  • Franchise fee of $15,000 for 3 Years
  • Guaranteed Revenue from Student Enrolment
  • No Revenue; No Franchise Fee
  • Hand over Existing Database
  • We Provide Free Train the Trainer
  • Jointly delivered Initial Classes
  • Join the Schools Governing Board
  • Dedicate Country School of Consulting Website

Franchise Application Form

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