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Curriculum & Programme Outline - Next Class Starts 26th August 2023



Target Audience

  • Practicing Consultants


  • Degree Holder

  • Minimum of  3 Years Consulting Experience


Understanding Consulting

Developing Your Consulting Skills

​​Developing Knowledge of Consulting Tools

​​Defining your Consulting Brands

​​Defining & Developing Consulting Business Model

​​Identifying & Developing Market Segments

​​Consulting Product Development

​​Productizing Your Consulting Solutions

​​Selling Consulting Services

​​Securing Consulting Assignments

​Delivering Consulting Solutions

​​Managing Consulting Assignment

​​Managing Consulting Practice

Learning Outcomes

  • Problem Solving & Execution - Ability to understand Business Issues​

  • Knowledge and application of Consulting Tools, Method & Techniques ​

  • Differentiation. Positioning. Brand Identity​

  • Revenue Models. Customers. Niche. Value Proposition, etc.​

  • Creating New Markets. New Products. Blue Ocean. USP​

  • Developing Consulting Solutions for Clients​

  • Turning your Solutions to Products​

  • Consulting Product. Price. Promotion. Place​

  • RFP. Cold Calling. Direct Briefing. Cross Selling. Up selling​

  • Clients Expectations. Deliverables. Timeline Fee, Contracts​

  • Planning. Project & Risk Management. Quality Control​

  • Structure. Systems. Process. Service Delivery. Revenue, etc


Duration of Training

3 - 6 Months


Award by ICMCI

Certified Management Consultant (CMC)


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