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Why become the Internal Consultant in your organisation?


- Cost Savings

- Knowledge Retention

- Developing internal Capacity

- Acquire Skills to Diagnose Problems

- You are available Interface with External Consultants

- For Sustainability of Consultancy Interventions

- Become the Interface between departments in resolving internal issues; i.e.  Operations & Marketing




Introduction to Consulting

Understanding Consulting

Types of Consulting

Consulting Career Path


Essential Consulting Skills

Problem Solving & Creative Thinking Skills

Presentation and Report Writing Skills

Negotiation & Communications Skills

Consulting Methodology Tools, Models, etc

Research, Data Collection and Analysis

Project Planning, Management and Delivery

Strategic Planning, Leadership & Execution


Consulting Intervention & Delivery Process

Managing Clients Relationship

Intervention Options, Recommendations & Presentations

Implementing Leading & Managing the Change


Role of the Internal Consultant

Sustaining the Consultancy Projects

Internal Business Partner with External Consultant

Anticipate need for Change, Trouble Shooting & Engaging Stakeholders

Bring to bear understanding of Organisation Culture in Consultancy Interventions

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