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Exclusive 1-2-1 with CPG Founder, Shola Ajani, CMC FIMC


Shola Ajani leads a team of top Consultants to answer all your Consulting questions, seek professional advice during your Monthly 1-2-1.

Welcome to the Consulting Professionals Group.

The group is open to Consultants who wish to increase their capacity to deliver better services to their clients. 


This is an exclusive group where you will learn from industry leaders and peers. We encourage exchange of ideas and good practise to enhance professional development.

Key Benefits of Membership:

Monthly 1-2-1 Mentoring & Coaching - Exclusive mentoring session with top Consultants. You are free to bring up area of concern in business, ask questions and tap into his knowledge base and experience.

Monthly Webinar Training - Training will be delivered monthly via video conference on emerging topics to enhance your professional capacity. We will focus on areas of competency requirements that  members may require. Topics to be covered include, Consulting Pricing, Consulting Contracts, Increasing Client Base, Getting More Briefs from Existing Clients, etc

Free Monthly Newsletter - This free Newsletter focuses mainly on Consulting Opportunities. Our researchers are constantly seeking out available Consulting assignments which we aim to publish monthly. Many of these assignments are not publicly advertised.

.... and Many More

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