The Consulting Entreprise
Conferences & Exhibitions, Dubai 2022

18th - 20th October 2022

The Management Consulting Profession has an extensive but often understated Value Chain. This is not intentional, it is  the lack of awareness of the potentials of what is available.

The profession has largely remained traditional in her mode of service delivery. However client's demands, faster pace of business and service delivery, interchangeability and new requirements, etc., as well as the increasing availability and access to solutions and applications now requires adaptation to new realities as a profession.

The Conference is looking at bringing together the various service providers in the value chain in the delivery of consulting services; from defining competencies, learning and development interventions, applications and systems, solutions, vendors, practice management, even post consultancy solutions.

The conference also aims to highlight how the Management Consulting Profession herself is responding to these changes and reposition for the future.


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